Borough Committees


Finance Michael Washko Charles Corcoran Bruce Cochrane
Water/Sewage Plants Bruce Cochrane Charles Corcoran Frank McLaughlin  
Streets/Highways/Street Lights Bruce Cochrane Charles Corcoran Mike Washko  
Recycling/Sanitation Michele Berry Frank McLaughlin John Stoffa
Water/Sewage Collection John Stoffa
Plumbing Enforcement Michael Washko
Personnel Safety Harry Lee Michele Berry Frank McLaughlin
Negotiation/Grievance Committe Frank McLaughlin Harry Lee John Stoffa
Federal/State Grants John Stoffa Charles Corcoran Bruce Cochrane
Traffic Safety Charles Corcoran Donnie Lewis    
EMA Officer Charles Corcoran
(724) 583-9497
Donnie Lewis    
EIT Representative Bruce Cochrane Charles Corcoran (Alt) Robin Core (Alt)
Technology Michele Berry John Stoffa Harry Lee
Citizen Advisory Harry Lee Michele Berry Frank McLaughlin
Residential LERTA Michele Berry Michael Washko John Stoffa
Floodplain Management Frank McLaughlin Michele Berry  
Street Scape Nanette Cochrane Michele Berry  
COVID-19 Frank McLaughlin Michele Berry Mike Washko

Updated February 2, 2022
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Burning is permitted in Masontown Borough on Wednesday and Saturday from dawn to dusk throughout the year.