Masontown Volunteer Fire Department


Since 1924, the Masontown Volunteer Fire Department has been protecting your community. This protection is provided 24x7/365 days a year. In the last five years alone, we have been there for our neighbors over one thousand times when called on for structure fires, field fires, emergency medical assists, Air evacuation landing zones, and numerous civic
requests for street cleaning, traffic control, basement flooding and community events. This has added up to tens of thousands of man-hours in training, fund raising, repairing and maintaining equipment, meetings and answering alarms.

Your Fire Department presently operates two pumpers, one rescue vehicle, and one quick response/brush fire truck, all equipment needed to answer most alarms and safety turnout gear for all firefighters.

Since 9/11, we find our services in greater demand and new equipment for our changing roles and for the protection of those risking their lives for you is constantly changing and becoming more expensive everyday. We provide these services to you on a voluntary basis, and for this we ask in return that you be as generous as possible and support the Masontown Volunteer Fire Department through our fund raising events, annual funds solicitation drive and at our weekly Bingo. Help us help you for many more years to come!

Bingo Every Friday
Early birds start at 6:45 p.m.
Regular games start at 7:00 p.m




  Charles Corcoran   Chief  
  Donald Beck   Assistant Chief  
  Bernard Townsend   First Lieutenant  
  Todd Jessop   Second Lieutenant  
Bob Brenzy
  Steve Demco   Safety Officer  
  Mark Lovett   Rescue Captain  
  Harry Lee   President  
  John Maykuth   Vice President  
  Edward Colebank, Sr.   Secretary  
  JD Wilson   Treasurer  
  Glenn Townsend   James Peavornick  
  Frank Maykuth   Jamie Maher  




Christina Corcoran- President   

Betty Colebank- Vice President

Heidi Sidwell- Secretary

Marlene Vrabel- Treasurer

Christie Bellish

Sophia Berdar

Debbie Flanangan

Arlene Hagner

Andrea Jessup

MaryLou Kapel

Melissa Kisner

Judy Lee

Sharon Morris

Shanon Washko

Connie Williams

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Burning is permitted in Masontown Borough on Wednesday and Saturday from dawn to dusk throughout the year.